wiggling your cord to charge your iphone:

Do you find yourself having to wiggle your charger cord and prop it on something just to get your iPhone to charge? This issue is most prevalent with men because they keep their iPhone in their pocket and it collects lint in the port. If you need a repair on this issue, iGeeks can either clean or replace the port in under 30 minutes time. TIP: a great way to avoid this problem is to insert the iPhone in your pocket with the charge port facing up.

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Most people understand when they have a cracked glass it can be replaced. Although, sometimes the LCD or Display can break behind the glass which makes the phone screen completely unusable. Don't fret, a screen replacement can fix this issue 99 percent of the time. TIP: if there is a pass-code on the device, try your best to either let the phone die or keep it in the sleep (black screen) position to avoid the phone typing in random codes on its own. Too many attempts with the wrong pass-code will cause an iPhone to disable and it will have to be restored and all data will be lost : ( 


Swollen iphone battery:

Does your iPhone battery percentage drop erratically/is your screen pushed up on the left side? This is all due to a swollen battery which happens when the battery has gone bad and the materials inside of it release gases causing it to swell or puff up. If you look at the photo, the battery on the left is bad and the one on the right is good. A phone battery in this condition can be dangerous and should be replaced immediately. iGeeks can facilitate battery replacements on any iPhone quickly. TIP: it is recommended to let your battery die and then charge it to 100% at least once per week. This is called a full cycle and it is good for the battery.